Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals successfully prepared the launch of the antihistamine Bilastine as Oral Dispersible Tablet (ODT) medicine in Germany

The allergy season is undoubtedly in full swing. We at Tiefenbacher Group are therefore thrilled to announce that we have successfully prepared the launch of our latest anti-allergy medicine, Bilastine Oral Dispersible Tablet (ODT) in Germany – available from now on in German pharmacies without a prescription. We are particularly pleased to offer Bilastine (ODT) for the first time in 10mg strawberry flavoured tablets which we developed especially for children aged 6-11 years.

Patients who suffer from the following allergic symptoms: Hay fever, hives, urticaria and other allergic reactions are thus offered a more convenient and user-friendly way to control their allergy. The introduction of the oral dispersible tablet form is basically a response to the needs of patients – especially to those who are seeking a more flexible and also a discreet way to manage their allergies, particularly when on the go.

Bilastine Oral Dispersible Tablet (ODT) is designed to disintegrate quickly in the mouth without the need for water. This way, patients with difficulties swallowing tablets or without immediate access to water can use the device with ease.

The 10 mg tablets for children and the 20 mg tablets for adults have been developed in Tiefenbacher Group´s own laboratories. They will be marketed by our partner, a well-known international pharmaceutical company. With the market entry of Bilastine Oral Dispersible Tablet we enable patients in Germany a better access to an important medicine since, it is currently available in pharmacies without a prescription needed.

The successful launch of this antihistamine reflects our ongoing commitment to providing patients with high-quality, cost-effective medications. Undeniably it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team.

Finally, we are particularly excited about the positive impact this achievement will have. However we look forward to further market entries with high-quality medicines – with a patient-centred approach for better healthcare.

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