Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) : From route scouting to lab scale development to commercial supply 

Did you know that Tiefenbacher API + Ingredients not only offers a broad range of high-quality APIs, but also offers custom synthesis of intermediates & APIs? 

The synthesis of APIs is a critical step in the development and manufacturing of high-quality pharmaceuticals. It is a multi-step process involving numerous chemical transformations. Particularly purification, separation and operations on a range of raw materials with different physical and chemical properties. 

We at TIEFENBACHER API + INGREDIENTS surely make it right the first time, from grams to tons. Generally a structured and methodical approach enables us to identify your individual requirements and implement them precisely. Our significantly strong network of 200+ manufacturing partners and our sophisticated market intelligence allow us to choose the best fit. We work closely with you and the selected CDMO during all the planning and execution phases. Thus, to assure we meet your and the product’s requirements. 

Whatever challenges you face throughout the sourcing process or the synthesis of APIs for your pharmaceuticals. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, you can be sure that together we can develop a customised solution for your specific requirements.

TIEFENBACHER API + INGREDIENTS, a part of TIEFENBACHER GROUP, is a pharmaceutical full-service distributor for high-quality APIs and controlled substances with value-added services. We offer more than 600+ APIs (Human + Veterinary) in all fourteen ATC-Groups for safe, reliable pharmaceuticals.
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Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals, a part of Tiefenbacher Group, develops and commercializes generic, value added, and innovative pharmaceuticals as well as medical devices worldwide. We provide over 180+ pharmaceutical products across various therapeutic categories in 10+ dosage forms. With our in-house product development and manufacturing, we can address specific therapeutic needs in unique formulations of prescription drugs (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for global markets (including highly potent drugs).

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