Today Tiefenbacher Group celebrates International Women's Day, that's why we would like to introduce you to two valuable female employees from our company.

Get to know the women who are working at Tiefenbacher Group for several years – and take a look at their interesting careers and experiences. They have managed to overcome challenges and successfully shaped their careers. Be inspired and use their tips to start a management career yourself.

That’s why we asked Stefanie Abt (Director of Business Development and Innovation and Director of Project Management) and Breshna Omar (Quality Assurance Manager) to tell us their story.

Steffanie Abt portfolio

Hello Stefanie, today is International Womens Day we would like to know more about you and your work for Tiefenbacher Group.

So “How did you begin your professional career?”

Stefanie: “I started my career 21 years ago as a Regulatory Affairs Trainee at Tiefenbacher, following my pharmacy studies. I enhanced my knowledge with a Master’s in Drug Regulatory Affairs and an Executive MBA. A standout experience was a six-month stint in 2006 at AET Laboratories in India, where I gained insights into pharmaceutical development and formed lasting international relationships, deepening my appreciation for Indian culture.” 


“What do you particularly like about your position?” 

Stefanie: “What I particularly appreciate about my role is the continuous stream of varied challenges, which keeps me learning new things daily. The blend of portfolio and project management allows me to accompany innovative project ideas from inception to patient delivery. This deep involvement in the entire product lifecycle, from initial concept to market entry, aligns with my passion for developing patient-centric therapies and reinforces my commitment to healthcare. The dynamic collaboration within our international company adds a rich, multicultural dimension to my work, making each day challenging, enjoyable, and constantly varied and enlightening.” 


In your opinion “What skills does a leader need? 

Stefanie: “Effective leadership blends resilience, clear communication, and the ability to inspire. Building trust and actively listening are crucial for strong team connections. In a diverse, supportive environment, it’s important to value every voice. Recognizing that we spend much time at work, making it enjoyable is key, as it boosts morale, creativity, and collaboration. A good sense of humor, particularly the ability to laugh at ourselves, is vital and a reminder that while we strive for excellence, the true goal is connection and enjoyment in what we do.” 


Could you tell us “What energizes you in your work life?”  

Stefanie: “In my work, the dynamic and ever-changing nature of our projects and challenges is incredibly energizing. The relentless pursuit of innovation in a rapidly evolving environment not only brings unique vibrancy but also a great deal of enjoyment to each day. Collaborating with my team to consistently devise innovative and practical solutions is deeply rewarding. Moreover, there’s a profound sense of fulfillment in seeing the company’s vision align with my own personal vision. This synergy significantly fuels my professional growth. Working in this fantastic company with such wonderful colleagues makes it all the more enjoyable. Helping to foster an environment that is appreciative, globally connected, and truly fun to be part of.” 


Finally we would like to know “What advice can you give to women aspiring to leadership positions?  

Stefanie: “My advice is to embrace lifelong learning, face challenges head-on, and nurture a robust professional network. Trust in your abilities and stay adaptable and optimistic, even when plans don’t unfold as expected. Understand that patience is key when progress seems slow. Authenticity is your greatest asset; use your unique skills and viewpoints to your advantage. Choose roles that align with your strengths and passions. Strive for a harmonious balance between your professional and personal life.

Remember, each path is distinct — discover what suits you best. Remain firm in your beliefs and values, while being open to self-reflection. Avoid to be swayed by the opinion of others who have walked different paths and instead embark on your own unique journey guided by your internal compass.

Breshna Omar portfolio

Today is International Womens Day Breshna and we are curious to know “How did you start your career at TG?”

Breshna:I started working at Tiefenbacher Group a bit more over 6 years ago. I applied for an open vacancy in Quality Assurance while I was studying for my state exams as a pharmacist and was looking for an apartment in Hamburg. I have very fond memories of my interview – AET took a chance on me by offering me the position even though I didn’t finish my exams yet. They believed in me and gave me even more motivation. The trust continued over the last years, as I could grow within the company and take over more and more responsibilities.”


And “What do you particularly like about your position?”

Breshna:Working in the Quality department demands unwavering dedication and attention to detail. It requires us to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines, safeguarding the health of millions. That’s why we cannot make compromises when it comes to quality. Every day, we’re driven by the knowledge that our work directly impacts lives, making a difference in the world. I love being part of this responsible department.”


Finally we would like to know “What future goals do you want to achieve or advance collectively at Tiefenbacher?”

Breshna: I want to realize my full potential at Tiefenbacher Group; continuously innovate products, services, and processes to stay competitive and meet evolving customer needs by delivering high-quality medicines. Foster a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

Because we are celebrating International Women’s Day today, I would like to take the opportunity to draw attention to equal rights for women in the workplace. On this day, we should inform and educate ourselves in order to understand the challenges women face in the workplace.”

We would like to take this opportunity to not only thank Stefanie and Breshna but all female employees of Tiefenbacher Group for their great commitment, everyday passion, and exceptionally good work! Happy International Women´s day!

Tiefenbacher Group celebrates International Women's Day

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