Last year, we not only celebrated Tiefenbacher Group´s  60th anniversary in Hamburg, but also the 20th anniversary of AET Laboratories – our development and manufacturing site in Hyderabad, India.

AET Laboratories 20th anniversary celebration was a tremendous success!

Before the end-of-year celebrations, some games like cricket, badminton, lemon spoon, tennis kite etc. were conducted for all employees to participate in.
The management also distributed sportswear and shoes to around 80 students of the school sponsored by Tiefenbacher Group. As a grand finale, AET Labs’ 20th birthday was celebrated with cultural activities such as dancing, singing, skits, and distribution of prizes to the winners of various sports.

Thank you to everyone who made this wonderful event possible. You made this celebration very special and created a unique atmosphere in which our so-called “Tifi spirit” came alive.

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