TIEFENBACHER PHARMACEUTICALS, a part of Tiefenbacher Group: Social Day 2023 – contribution through our social and community engagement in Hamburg

Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals employees get involved in the local community by volunteering with local charities and organizations.
Our employees take an active role in giving back to their communities by donating hours to help through a range of volunteer activities. We see ourselves as part of society and we are deeply committed to supporting the communities in which we are located. That is why we work with our employees to promote a diverse range of social initiatives that help tackle challenges at the local level. In this context, for our Tiefenbacher Group Social Day we have given our employees in hamburg time off so that they can get socially involved in an institution in the Hanseatic city.
We want to promote the common good in our beloved city and therefore supported the Tierpark Hagenbeck (zoo), the Sternbrücke Children’s Hospice, the Stiftung Das Rauhe Haus (child and youth welfare), the alsterdorf assistenz ost (institution for people with disabilities), the Hamburger Tierschutzverein (animal welfare association), and Hanseatic Help e.V. (support for refugees and homeless). Many thanks to all helpers and the organizer Marie-Theres Blumers for your numerous support and the great enthusiasm with which you are committed to your project.

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