Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals successfully launches generic versions of Abiraterone and value-added product Abiraterone/Prednisolone, Prostate Cancer

We at Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals aim to improve peoples´ lives around the world by making medicines better affordable, better available, and better than before! That´s why we are excited to share that Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals has successfully prepared the launch of the generic versions of Abiraterone and the value-added product of Abiraterone/Prednisolone for a market entry in Europe.

For the mono product Abiraterone, we were able to achieve a day one launch after patent expiration, making this important therapy finally more affordable for patients around the world. With the combination product Abiraterone/Prednisolone we offer a value-added product which comes in a special combi blister packaging improving patients´ compliance, physicians´ convenience, and protecting the environment.

Abiraterone and the combination product Abiraterone/Prednisolone are used to treat men with prostate cancer. The 500 mg (mono product) and 500 mg + 5 mg (combination product) tablets will be marketed in Europe by our partners. We will keep you updated about launches of this and other products in further international markets.

TIEFENBACHER PHARMACEUTICALS New market launch: generic versions of Abiraterone/Prednisolone

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