Tiefenbacher continuously expand in novel technologies and capabilities to improve quality and boost productivity of better healthcare

Tiefenbacher Group is excited to announce the ceremonious opening of our new highly potent drug laboratory in Hyderabad, India. The completion of the new building is the first step for TIEFENBACHER GROUP to become a leading global developer and manufacturer of highly potent drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. It follows our company´s strategy to make medicines more affordable, more available, and better than before. The lab is equipped with the latest techniques with full safety protection measurements and will be extended by an additional manufacturing block with special technologies in 2023. The new complex will cover a total of about 4.000 square meters.

Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals (FDF business unit of TIEFENBACHER GROUP) has already 25 leading highly potent drugs in its launch pipeline which are planned to be developed and produced in the new facilities in Hyderabad. While the operational start of the lab (including small-scale production) is planned for this year, the commercial production for larger quantities in the new manufacturing block is expected for 2024.

TIEFENBACHER PHARMACEUTICALS, a part of Tiefenbacher Group, develops and commercializes genericvalue added, and innovative pharmaceuticals as well as medical devices and e-health solutions worldwide. We provide over 180+ pharmaceutical products across various therapeutic categories in 10+ dosage forms. With our in-house product development and manufacturing, we can address specific therapeutic needs in unique formulations of prescription drugs (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for global markets (including highly potent drugs).
For more information about our finished dosage forms (FDF) and healthcare solutions, please contact Tiefenbacher Pharmaceuticals: info@tiefenbacher.com or visit us on: www.tiefenbacher-pharmaceuticals.com